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Our Dog Grooming Skills

Our Dog Grooming Skills - Byron Bay

Our dog grooming skills include:

  • Dog grooming and associated Animal husbandry
  • All breed profile grooming
  • Grooming techniques
  • Salon management
  • OH&S management related to the animal industry & grooming techniques
  • Animal handling and husbandry
  • Pet industry of Australia code of ethics
  • Dogs NSW conduct and code of ethic
  • Knowledge of grooming tools techniques and equipment
  • Good understanding of product range available to the grooming salon
  • Dental practice and techniques for canine animals
  • Colour products and safe application trained
  • Certified professional hairdresser/groomer
  • Certified professional Dog Breeder –
  • Miniature Schnauzers – EVADOUC pups
  • 30 year aviary and aquarium hobbyist
  • Parrot/dog specialist – husbandry and psychology/behaviour
  • Four years with WIRES (wildlife information & rescue service) volunteer
  • Ten years owner/operator all pet services business in Sydney
  • Independent business owner/operator BYRON DOG GROOMING